Pipe styles

Dab rigs, Oil rigs

Dab rigs, Oil rigs

Dab rigs and oil rigs are glass pipes of various shapes and sizes filled with water to create filtration. The bowl type can vary widely. The bowl is heated up to a temperature of which will vaporize your substance immediately upon contact as you inhale the vapor.

Bongs, water pipes

Bongs what are bongs why a bong why should i get a bong

Bongs are water pipes much similar to dab rigs. These pipes pioneered the water filtration technology of functional glass. These pieces are always a great piece to have in your collection and hard hitters.


Handpipes About handpipes whats a heanpipe

Handpipes or bowls, are typically between 3-5" and bigger, Really depending on the size you like. These pieces can come in various materials including, glass, metal, wood, acrylic, and silicone. Many have special features including color changing glass or custom work.


Bubblers whats a bubbler how does a bubbler work

Bubblers take the water from your bong or dab rig and mix it with the portability of a handpipe giving you the ability to have water filtration in a smaller package.

they are basically bongs but smaller.


Sherlock gandalf pipe

The sherlock or commonly known as a "Gandalf pipe" has a long neck and a large deep bowl.


chillum one hitter pipe

The Chillum is a straight tube. Usually small and handheld. Also referred to as a "one hitter" , the name says it all. Good for discrete quick use.

Steam roller

steamroller pipe

This style of pipe is a large diameter tube with an open end. Mant to be blocked off by your hand or finger and then released to deliver the smoke.


heady glass waterpipes and handpipes

The term Heady has long been used to describe extremely intricate and extravagantly designed, As-well as classic style pipes. Many glass artists even collaborate together and create priceless works of art!