Straight (diffused downstem)

A simple straight tube design with holes or a variable of hole styles at the end.


A dome shaped percolator with slits where the bottom meets the glass of your water pipe.


 Anywhere from 4 to 64 arms, and the more arms, the more diffusion. Arms can be open bottomed or closed, usually with slits on the sides. Smaller slits give smaller bubbles, which gives more opportunity for diffusion.  


Featuring a shower-like design that shoots water like a shower. Amazingly smooth, and awesome airflow.

Gridded line

 A gridded inline perc is a horizontal tube with gridded slits cut around and under the tube. Often referred to as a barrel perc. 


 A type of disk perc, that looks like a honeycomb. More diffusion than a standard disk perc because of the number of small holes that let further divide the smoke that passes through them. The more holes the better the diffusion, but if the holes are too small, drag increases 

Matrix perc

 This bubble machine is a taller puck-type, with lots of tiny holes 

Stereo matrix

 Two smaller matrix percs stacked on top of each other. Many people say the bottom matrix doesn't bubble, but it's necessary for the water to displace into and out of. 


 Two cylinders, one inside the other, with opposite diagonal slits cut.  Smoke passes through each cylinder out the slits, allowing for diffusion 


 A vertical style percolator seen on an unique style of water pipes that resembles a swiss cheese look, holes made on a large vertical disc like shape lets smoke pass around them. 


 A disc shaped perc with slits cut along the side, angled to force the water to spin in a cyclone or turbine appearance. Really cool, and works well as a splash guard also. 


 A type of percolator that flares out with a series of semi-rings revolving around, because for the spacing between the rings, smoke is diffused out between them 

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